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Seeing at the Nanoscale IV


Anode Layer Ion Sources

Linear Anode Layer Sources
Round Anode Layer Sources

Cylindrical Magnetron

Cylindrical Magnetron

Dektak Stylus Profilers

Dektak 6M Bench-Top Stylus Profiler
Dektak 8 Advanced Development Profiler

Digital Instruments Atomic Force Microscopes

Aurora-3 NSOM System
BioScope II
BioScope SZ
CP-II Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) 
Dimension V Scanning Probe Microscope
Dimension 3100 Scanning Probe Microscope
Dimension 5000 Scanning Probe Microscope
EnviroScope Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
MultiMode PicoForce System
MultiMode Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)
MultiMode V Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)
Nanoman II
Dimension Hybrid XYZ SPM Scanner Head
TRmode—Torsional Resonance Mode Imaging

Dimension Vx Automated Atomic Force Profilers

Dimension Vx 200/300 Atomic Force Profiler
Dimension Vx 210/310 Atomic Force Profiler
Dimension Vx305 Atomic Force Profiler
Dimension Vx340 Atomic Force Profiler for CMP

Dimension X Atomic Force Microscope for Etch Depth at 90nm and below

Dimension AFP
Dimension X Atomic Force Microscope for Etch
      Depth at 90nm and below

Dimension X3D Automated Atomic Force Microscopes

Dimension X3D Automated Atomic Force
Dimension X3D for Photomask Atomic Force

Discovery MOCVD Systems

D180 GaN

Electrochemical SPM Systems

Electrochemical SPM Systems NEW!

Enterprise MOCVD Systems

E300 GaNzilla II
E300 LDM

GEN MBE Systems

GEN20 MBE System
GEN200 MBE System
GEN2000 MBE System
GEN930 MBE System

Gridded DC Ion Sources

11cm DC Ion Source
12cm DC Ion Source
16cm RF High Power Ion Source
3cm DC Ion Source (CSC)
3cm DC Ion Source (ITI)
5cm DC Ion Source
8cm DC Ion Source

Gridded RF Ion Sources

12cm RF Ion Source
16cm RF Ion Source
6 x 66cm RF Ion Source

Gridless End-Hall Ion Sources

Mark I Gridless Ion Sources
Mark II Gridless Ion Source
Mark II+ Controller

Horizontal Dual Gun

Horizontal Dual Gun

Magnetic Testers

QSW3000 Quasi-Static Tester

MBE Components

Automated Positioner for MBE
DC Power Supply with PID Temperature
MBE Crucibles
MBE Heated Viewports
MBE Linear Motion Shutters
MBE Shutter Controllers
MBE Source Flanges
MBE Substrate Heaters
MBE System Cables
Phosphorus Valved Cracker Temperature
PID Temperature Controllers
UNI-Block MBE Substrate Holders
UNI-Block RF Plasma Source Autotuner

MBE Software

Lot Manager MBE Software
Molly MBE Growth Control Software

MBE Sources--Dopant

MBE Dopant Effusion Cell
MBE Low Temperature Gas Source

MBE Sources--Group III

MBE Dual Filament Cell
MBE Gas Crackers and Injectors
MBE Single Filament Cell

MBE Sources--Group V

MBE Corrosive Series Valved Cracker
      (for Sb, Te, Cd, CdTe)
MBE Gas Crackers and Injectors
MBE Low Temperature Effusion Cell
MBE Standard Cracking Effusion Cell
MBE UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Source
MBE Valved Cracker for Arsenic
MBE Valved Cracker for Phosphorus

MBE Sources--Groups II-VI

MBE Corrosive Series Valved Cracker
      (for Sb, Te, Cd, CdTe)
MBE Low Temperature Effusion Cell
MBE Valved Sources for Selenium and Sulfur

MBE Sources--Specialty

MBE Atom-H Source
MBE Gas Crackers and Injectors
MBE High Temperature Effusion Cell
MBE Low Temperature Gas Source
MBE Oxygen Resistant Sources
MBE UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Source

MOCVD Systems

Pioneer MOCVD Systems

NEXUS Atomic Layer Deposition

Atomic Layer Deposition

NEXUS Cluster Tools

NEXUS Cluster Tools

NEXUS Diamond-Like Carbon Systems

NEXUS Diamond-Like Carbon

NEXUS Ion Beam Deposition Systems

NEXUS IBD Ion Beam Deposition System

NEXUS Ion Beam Etching Systems

NEXUS IBD-350Se Ion Beam Etching System
NEXUS IBD-420i Ion Beam Etching System
NEXUS IBD-420Si Ion Beam Etching System

NEXUS Oxidation Modules

NEXUS Oxidation Modules

NEXUS Physical Vapor Deposition Systems

NEXUS Physical Vapor Deposition Multi-Target

OASIS Defect Inspection Systems

OASIS 3000 Deep UV Critical Dimension and
      Defect Inspection

Optium Lapping Systems

Veeco Rad-10
Veeco Robo4.10 Lapping System
Veeco Robo4.11 Lapping System

Optium Slicing and Dicing Systems

ADS160 Dicing System and Options
ADS 300DSI Dicing System & Options

SPECTOR Optical Coating System


Wyko Laser Interferometers

Wyko Ultra Mount Modular Mounting System

Wyko Optical Profilers

Through Transmissive Media Module
Wyko DMEMS Dynamic MEMS Measurement
      Option for Wyko NT1100
Wyko HD 8100 Optical Profiler
Wyko NT1100 Optical Profiler
Wyko NT3300 Optical Profiler
Wyko NT8000 Optical Profiler
Wyko Optical Metrology Module (OMM)
Wyko SP3000 Interconnect Profiling System
Wyko SP3200 Advanced Packaging Profiling

SATIS 2800 Probe

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