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Veeco 2006 Scandinavian SPM Conference and Users Meeting 

Torbjorn Pettersson and Niklas Nordgren
Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden
Won the poster prize

The meeting was held at the Chalmers University, Goteborg on 15th-16th November 2006. It was an opportunity to see new modes in action and discuss approaches to optimizing experiments. Oral presentations from leading Scandinavian Research Groups in Academia and Industry were complemented with a poster competition and equipment exhibition. The meeting was open to anyone with an interest in Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) or Nanotechnology and was acting as a forum to exchange ideas.

"I enjoyed the User Meeting that we participated at this week. It gave me a chance to get to know Nordic AFM users that I did not meet before, and also to get to know what the latest AFM equipment Veeco has to offer on the market is about. The meeting also gave me a chance to think about AFM for 2 whole days in a row, which is not usual for me, and therefore very good. Finally, Ahmed and myself got some good practical advice on some of the questions that we have concering our specific ongoing AFM imaging projects", Professor Jon Otto Fossum of NTNU in Trondheim

"Thanks a lot for the invitation to the meeting. It was really nice to see you guys and discuss different things. I need to find some time to spend in the lab and try some of the things you suggested",
Dr. Lyubov Belova of KTH in Stockholm

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